Inspiring Dads Ltd - 1 to 1 Coaching Programme Features

Unlimited support

Unlimited support

Private Coaching “Room”

Private Coaching “Room”

DISC Profiling

DISC Profiling

The 6 Steps to Working Dad Success

The 6 Steps to Working Dad Success

Coaching Exercises

Coaching Exercises

Video Content

Video Content

✅ Unlimited Coaching Sessions

  • No need to spend your time thinking about how many sessions we’ve had, just book what you need.

  • “Intake” Session - 90 mins (face to face video)

  • Unlimited coaching support sessions - 50 mins. (phone call via Zoom)

  • Approx. once every 3 / 4 weeks.

  • Monday - Friday 9.30 > 2.30pm, some evenings, subject to availability.

  • Receive recordings of our coaching sessions in M4a format.

✅ Private Coaching “Room”

  • Ongoing coaching support in our private coaching space via the Clevermemo platform

  • Makes your progress and results visible and you’ll get the opportunity to document your own path to your goals.

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✅ DISC behavioural profile

Learn how your behavioural preferences determine how you like to do things and gain insight into how you like to work and what changes when you are under pressure. Learn how to apply this knowledge to every day life.

✅ 6 Steps to Working Dad Success

6 Modules, with sub modules to guide your progress.

1.     Design the Life You Really Want to Live.

2.     Build a Deeper Relationship With Your Partner.

3.     Learn How to Achieve the Life You Want.

4.     Have Enough Money For The Things That Really Matter.

5.     Fix Your Work Life Balance. 

6.     Achieve the Career You Really Want.

Coaching Exercises & Video Content

Organised to match and support the 6 Steps to Working Dad Success.

Relevant or useful content will be shared via Clevermemo


Inspiring Dads Ltd - Coaching Terms and Conditions

By signing up to a coaching programme you agree to abide by the following terms.

Nature of Coaching      

The client is aware that the coaching is in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed. The coachee enters the coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.

The Role of the Coach

  • To be non-judgemental, objective and open.

  • To focus on the coachee’s goals & outcomes.

  • Encourage, support & challenge coachee to reach their full potential.

  • Respect the coachee’s experiences, values and beliefs.

  • Facilitate coachee confidence to bring all relevant information to the coaching session.

  • Encourage the coachee to explore all aspects of the topic.

  • To introduce optional homework tools at appropriate times.

The Role of the Coachee

  • Recognise that coaching is an investment in your personal development.

  • To be as truthful as possible, both with yourself and with your coach.

  • To appreciate that ‘failure’ is the start of a more appropriate set of actions.

  • Be open to challenges to your values, beliefs and working practices.

  • Complete and return the Session prep document 24 hours in advance of coaching.

  • You agree to write down any agreed actions.

  • Responsibility for taking action or reporting difficulties or barriers.


If I ever say or do anything in a session that you don’t feel comfortable with or if you have any concern with the way we are working, please let me know as soon as possible. For our work together to be effective, you have to be honest with me.


The coach recognises that anything the client shares with them is regarded confidential, whether it is business or personal information. The coach undertakes not to, at any time, (unless required to do so by law), either directly or indirectly, use or disclose any information the client shares with them during their sessions. For further details regarding this please refer to The Coaching Academy Code of Ethics.


The coach will maintain their professional indemnity insurance and compliance regarding the Data Protection Act and the coachee / client’s details.


Coaching booking procedure:


to be made via direct link supplied after Intake Session or by coach at the end of a coaching session.


Coach and coachee to log into Ian Dinwiddy’s personal chat room on Zoom (online call app)


Min 48 hours, max 21 days, min 12 hours to cancel / reschedule.


Coach and Coachee commit to give at least 12 hours’ notice if unable to attend a coaching session. If coachee is late for start of session, the coach reserves the right to finish session at the scheduled time