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Dear Friend,

Ian Dinwiddy  Founder of Inspiring Dads Ltd

Ian Dinwiddy

Founder of Inspiring Dads Ltd

I specialise in helping dads just like you to work out their path in life - to gain certainty that they are being the best dad they can be.

I know you want to know that your family are happy and content, to see them more and to have better quality time.

But you also need to earn a living and to provide - it can get pretty stressful when your workplace doesn’t recognise the pressures dads are under. Too often they see an active, hands on dad as a uncommitted dad.

So you get on with life, doing what you can, not complaining.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.


Our FREE 5 Day Challenge is here to help you.

5 steps, in 5 days.

Those steps will start you looking at you life in a whole new way. Focused on your personal well being, confident that you and your family on the right path - a path that works for both you and your partner.

We’ll talk finances, work life balance options and family goals.

Because your kids are only young once and you know “successful” should feel better than this.

To be fair, you might not feel you need any help. But don’t let it drift too far. I don’t want your relationship to suffer in the way Toby’s did:

“If there's one thing I wish we'd done better, it would have been to have those really honest discussions - rather than the more off-hand comments and observations - about the work life balance for both of us, including as a couple and as parents.

But hey - we live and learn, eh?!