Who do we help?

Inspiring Dads Ltd is a coaching and mentoring business specialising in working with men who want to be great dads and have great careers.

We help dads eliminate the stress of their work life balance, improving their relationships and building a professional and fatherhood identity they can be proud of.

Great Dads with Great Careers.

What issues do our clients want help with?

  • Missing out on key milestones in their children’s lives.

  • Deteriorating relationship with their partner.

  • Feeling like they are letting everyone down.

  • Concern about stress levels and the knock on effect on their mental health.

What do our clients really want?

  • Fix their work life balance so they can spend quality time with their children.

  • A professional and fatherhood identity that they are proud of.

  • Great relationship with their partner.

  • To be confident and certain of their purpose in life.

Our Vision

Our signature coaching and mentoring programme is called

The 6 Steps to Working Dad Success

We use this programme to provide the tools, support and accountability necessary for our clients to achieve their goals. We facilitate the thought process and head space required to work “on your life not just being in it”.

Widespread use of our programme would have major benefits to society…

  • Working Dads would be more content and less stressed.

  • They would be better parents and partners.

  • Men would be just as likely as women to be seeking out some level of flexible working arrangement.

  • Women would be less likely to have to take flexible or part time work.

  • The gender pay gap would reduce.

  • There would be a reduction in mental health issues among men.

Our Values

  1. I make each client feel like they are the only client.

  2. I appreciate that each client success creates a positive ripple to their families, friends and colleagues.

  3. I use structure and organisation as a building block for great client service.

  4. I am reliable and professional – I do what I say I am going to do.

  5. We embrace collaboration and believe that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

  6. I create a positive, fun work environment.

  7. Our profitability is key to deliver long term success.

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