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A Tale of Two Dads

Imagine the scene, while the Mums catch up enthusiastically, two Dads are making slightly awkward chat at a children’s birthday party. Both very much alike, a child in the same class, working in the same industry, doing the same type of role. They are discussing their work life balance struggles. “Ha, what work life balance!” Complaining about a lack of quality family time and being too knackered to enjoy it when they do have it.

They Agree That Being “Successful” Should Feel Better Than This.

They meet again at another kid's birthday party 6 months later and started talking. One Dad's work life balance is still causing him a lot of stress, things haven’t changed at all. The other is much happier, spending more time with his children, he has a better relationship with his wife, fewer arguments about what time he gets home from the office. His kids turn to him as much as they turn to Mum.

What Made The Difference? 

You may be wondering what could make such a difference to these two Dads lives? It certainly isn’t due to talent, determination or drive. It’s not luck or that one Dad wanted to fix his work life balance more than the other one did.

The difference lies with what they did after that party. One Dad was determined to get some help, he knew his work life balance wasn’t going to fix itself. He booked a FREE work life stress buster call with me and kick started a new action plan. A plan that turned his life around and gave him the confidence to make the best choices for him and his family.

When you need to turn your work life balance around you need to get your knowledge, support and advice from someone who knows what you are going through and can help you.

So what was different about the lives of those two Dads, working in the same industry, doing the same role, struggling with their work life balance?

The Right Help At The Right Time.


Dear Friend,

I’m offering you some FREE, extra help, to nail your work life balance.

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✅  Talk confidentially about your work life balance with another working Dad, just like you.

✅  A chance to talk to someone independent from work or family.

✅ You’ll get valuable tips to immediately fix your work life balance.

✅ Fewer arguments with your partner that you aren’t involved enough.

✅ Your children will start turn to you in the same way they turn to their mum.

✅ You’ll be raising smarter children.

Hard to believe, maybe, but let me explain why it’s true.

  • How often do you get a chance to talk about yourself and have someone actually listen? Consider it 30 minutes of “me time”, why should women have all the me time!? and as you’ll find out when you read on - I understand your struggle.

  • I’m not your partner. We don’t have the baggage you two have built up, so no judgments, just a fresh perspective and help for where you are now and how you want to live your life.

  • I’m a qualified coach with extensive experience in the management consultancy industry. I’m used to helping people design robust plans that deliver clear benefits for them.

  • Getting better work life balance will get you hero status with your children “Daddy’s home!!” , more time to connect with your partner.

  • If your work life balance is keeping you away from your family, getting a plan to get you home more often can lead to raising smarter kids. Don’t just take my word for it… read more >> here, >> here >> here. 


I call it “The Work Life Balance Stress Buster call”

It comes with a money back guarantee.

I’m so confident that this free call will deliver the benefits listed above and more that in the unlikely event that you decide it’s been a complete waste of 30 minutes, I’ll pay you £20 and give you a full apology for wasting your valuable time.

money back3.png

>> If you decide it’s been a complete waste of 30 minutes I’ll pay you £20 and give you a full apology for wasting your valuable time.

👉 If you’re worried 30 minutes isn’t long enough - don’t worry I’ve planned in some extra time just in case. There’s nothing worse than being cut off while you’re in your flow.

👉 PLUS we’ll record the call and send you a copy - no need to waste time frantically making notes! More time to think and talk.

👉 You can choose a time slot, and if you can’t see a slot that works we’ll do everything we can to make something work for you!

what is more…


>> Book your call today and go into the monthly draw for a £100 Amazon gift voucher.

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It’s awesome being a Dad!


I love being a Dad, creating our own little family, teaching our children all the things I know, seeing them develop into little people I’m so proud of. It gives me real purpose in life, that’s for sure!

But when was the last time you admitted it was tough and who can you talk to when it gets stressful?

You don’t want to burden your partner with your stress, she’s got enough on her plate, looking after kids is tough and she’s frazzled. Your old school mate Dave? He’s a good mate but you don’t talk ‘properly’ when you’re out for a drink…. not like your wife and her mates do. It could be a bit… well… awkward. We all know that.

I know you’re a great role model, but I’m offering a little help to move your life further in the right direction.


Ok I want all this Ian, but why should I invest my time and trust with you?

Consultant, Coach and Dad

Consultant, Coach and Dad

Like you, I’m Dad, I have two children. I also had 7 years experience working as a Management Consultant, early starts, long drives, full on client work then back to the hotel and eventually home at the weekend. I don’t miss the Friday afternoon drive from Blackpool to London!

I know what it is like to want to be there for your family.

I still vividly remember my wife used to tell me that she knew exactly what time I would walk through the door depending on which train I got. It made a real difference to her when I didn’t suddenly say it was a train or two later.


I’ve been a “Stay at Home Dad” and a “School Run Dad”, a Freelancer and general juggler of family and work priorities.

Hockey umpire and Umpire Coach

Hockey umpire and Umpire Coach

Plus I know exactly what it’s like to be part of a family who are struggling with work life balance.

My wife is a London based funds lawyer. Her work life balance varies from totally shit (leave house at 7.30am back at 2am and repeat for 3 months + plus weekend work) to ok (Out from 7.30am til 7.30pm).

The struggle to manage our work life balance is real and I know exactly what it takes to set up your life to maximise your chances of getting it right.

I’m also a qualified coach, both in sport and ‘life’ - technically it’s a ‘Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching’ but the point is that I know how to get the best out of you, exactly how I got the best for these guys.

“I wouldn't have been where I am in the same time frame without him.

Ian helped me to focus my attention... his approach made the one action that is focused on seem completely achievable in the context of a huge pile of actions I initially suggested. Ian acted as a sounding board for what i had suggested, getting me to challenge each point. At the end of the process i felt empowered to make a difference using my solution.”

Rob, Project Manager

“Ian has helped me throughout my career. As my coach he has discussed and understood my career and life goals. He has worked with me to understand how I can achieve them and what actions I need to take. I wouldn't have been where I am in the same time frame without him.”

Gareth, Project Manager

“Ian has a systematic approach to coaching that enabled me to fully explore the possibilities for the issues I wished to address. Ian asked very incisive questions which enabled me to consider what my goals were and nail them down clearly.  I would absolutely recommend Ian to anyone seeking a methodical approach to coaching and the high standard of professionalism he offers.”

Nash, Social Worker



When you book your FREE call today you get all this:

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Let’s be honest this FREE offer isn’t for everyone…

👉 Actually talk to someone about how you feel? I know right, I’m some kind of crazy fool.

But you get it.

You understand how a stranger can help you gain the clarity of thought it’s hard to get on your own. Give you time to get your stress off your chest. I’m not your mate Dave and I’m not your partner. And we won’t be strangers for long.

Sure you CAN get what you want on your own.

I’m not going to patronise you by telling you something different, if we’re being brutally honest no one ‘needs’ coaching.

But it does work. 35% of people responded to our survey had been coached and key benefits for men were identified as clarity and focus and career direction.

🏆 For you, right now, it’s the right thing to do. Because you’re ready to make a change. You know how important it is to be happier and you know that talking confidentially to an independent person is a brilliant opportunity not to be missed.

Oh yeah and of course you’re very busy and life can get in the way, so you can always reschedule if stuff comes up. It’s no biggy. But you can choose when to book your call and we’ve got evening slots waiting for you.

Remember -> you don’t have to take action.

Of course you don’t have to.

No one is forcing you, but you and I know you’re reading this for a reason => your work life balance is getting in the way of being a Great Dad and you need to make a change.

Would you rather look back on your failed relationship and have the regrets that Toby has…

“If there's one thing I wish we'd done better, it would have been to have those really honest discussions - rather than the more off-hand comments and observations - about the work life balance for both of us, including as a couple and as parents.

But hey - we live and learn, eh?!”

or instead I would you prefer to do what Will did and get your work life balance sorted out BEFORE you hit rock bottom.

“It was Easter when I said I couldn’t do it anymore. I think it was something about always seeing darkness. I decided I couldn’t tolerate how I was living any more. I could feel the signs that it was getting too much. The thing is I knew how bad it could get – I was an alcoholic (now 7 years clean). I didn’t want to reach rock bottom again before did something about it.”


It’s time to book your FREE call.

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I’ve made it as simple as I can..

  1. Choose appointment time and date (and time zone if you aren’t in UK)

  2. Tell us a bit about yourself.

  3. Confirm the details.

  4. You’ll get confirmation details by email.

  5. There is no #5

It sounds simple because it is. The more background I know about you the quicker I can help you.

If you can’t see a suitable appointment slot worry, just drop us a note and we’ll get something sorted.


Choose your appointment NOW!

(because you hoped your work life balance would improve on it’s own but it didn’t)


Your children are only young once and you and your family deserve someone to listen to you.

If you aren’t going to do it today maybe like me know what are you waiting for, I’d be interested to know…

We all know your well being and mental health is such an important part of be being the best Dad you can be.

I’m waiting to help you