Is your work life balance causing you stress?

  • Missing out on key milestones in your children’s lives?

  • Deteriorating relationship with your partner?

  • Struggling to spend quality time with the kids?

I know you want to be a Great Dad AND have a Great Career.

But you could do with some help, a bit of trusted advice from guys who understand what you are facing.

Let us help you create an identity that you are truly proud of.


✅ Stop wasting time and find out what is really causing your work / life stress.

✅ Learn what are your real options and rights are, not just what your boss thinks!

✅ Evaluate what type of Dad you want to be and USE this to decide what you want.

✅ Checklist of the steps you need to take to be READY to get what you want.

✅ PLUS - get organised, manage your time and be there when you're there.

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Because you've only got one shot at being a Great Dad and I want to help you give it your absolute best.

Ian Dinwiddy, Founder and Director of Inspiring Dads


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