"When we started working together, as far as i was aware it was impossible to be successful at work and be the father I wanted to be at home"

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Management Consultant, Strategy

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I started coaching sessions with the intention of changing career to something which was more interesting, more challenging and something which i would be proud to tell people that I was doing.

Ian helped me to specify my targets, plan my approach to interviews and to overcome some unrelated obstacles along the way. 



Account Manager, Insurance 

The help that Ian gave me during a recruitment process was invaluable. He got me to approach the process in a much more positive and focused manner.

The process was a success with a new job gained... the advice and coaching I received was a key part in the preparation in both the interview and in the way I approach many aspects in my work life.



Project Manager, Consultancy

Ian has helped me throughout my career. As my coach he has discussed and understood my career and life goals. He has worked with me to understand how I can achieve them and what actions I need to take. I wouldn't have been where I am in the same time frame without him.



Manager, Finance

Coaching sessions with Ian gave me opportunity to change my perspective and approach to planning and setting up personal and professional goals. I have learned to be more precise, formalize and write goals down and also to concentrate only on a couple of areas at a time.



Project Manager, Consultancy

Ian helped me to focus my attention... his approach made the one action that is focused on seem completely achievable in the context of a huge pile of actions I initially suggested.

Ian acted as a sounding board for what i had suggested, getting me to challenge each point. At the end of the process i felt empowered to make a difference using my solution.



Social Worker

Ian has a systematic approach to coaching that enabled me to fully explore the possibilities for the issues I wished to address. Ian asked very incisive questions which enabled me to consider what my goals were and nail them down clearly. 

I would absolutely recommend Ian to anyone seeking a methodical approach to coaching and the high standard of professionalism he offers.



People & Organisational Change Leader

Your coaching and support has been invaluable and inspirational in helping to make some massive strides forward in my professional and personal life, and you gave me the strength to believe in myself again.

And now I’m a Guinness World Record holder!




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