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It’s because you want to be the best Dad you can be. I also know it can be tough to work out your purpose, to do the right thing for your family, but also to look after your physical and mental health.

To get your work life balance right for you and your family.

Life is a minefield of responsibilities. It took my wife and I years to work out our path and be content with the decisions we made. But luckily I took what we learnt and made it into the PDF and every time I learn something from a Dad like you, I add something.

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My FREE call is not going to be for everyone to be honest. I mean we’re guys, we don’t really do talking to each other, at least not properly. Hell, it took me months to get the balls to record this video, so it would be awesome if you could click on it - don’t worry, if the sound of a slightly posh sounding English bloke puts you off, it’s got subtitles.

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Ian Dinwiddy

Ian Dinwiddy

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