The Opportunity

A new generation of working Dads want to Be Great Dads AND Have Great Careers. They understand that accessing flexible working is key to creating the work life balance that they need for themselves and their families.

They know that flexible working has the power to provide benefits for everyone including closing the gender pay gap.

What needs to happen?

Working Dads need to be supported to more widely seek out, embrace and promote flexible working. Over time it will become the 'norm' and the burden of being flexible will no longer just fall upon working Mums who still typically earn less than their partners.

Women wouldn’t then have to settle for work that pays less than they deserve to achieve the flexibility they need because their partners would be working flexibility already and the pressure and burden would be reduced. 

There is an opportunity for a whole generation of Dads to set a new benchmark of flexible working – not only benefiting themselves but also facilitating women being able to access better paid work.

'… if the current generation of young men takes their beliefs with them into positions of leadership, we’ll inevitably see change.'

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families

At Inspiring Dads we give busy and stressed dads, the tools, support and accountability to Be Great Dads AND Have Great Careers.

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