Work life balance causing you stress?

  • Missing out on key milestones in your children’s lives?

  • Deteriorating relationship with your partner?

  • Struggling to spend quality time with your kids?


Guys like you are getting the balance they need.

It’s not easy, but if you

1) Are clear about what’s really important to you.

2) Communicate effectively with your partner.

3) Understand your flexible working options.

Then you can go a long way to making the type of changes that will help you out.

Top 10 Work Life Balance Tips2.jpg

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you’re a great Dad AND have a great career?

  • Getting the work life balance you need.

  • Helping your partner - less pressure to be “Supermum.”

  • Your children have both parents in their lives.

  • You get to be the hands-on father figure you want to be.

  • A professional and fatherhood identity that you are truly proud of.

Included in our exclusive PDF guide:

  • How to understand what is really causing your stress.

  • Learn your options and rights.

  • Know your ‘why’.

  • How to build your plan.

Plus our top tips on how to...

  • Get organised

  • Manage your time

  • Be there when you are there

Because you've only got one shot at being a Great Dad

YOU know 'successful' should feel a lot better than this.

You want it all but

  • You’re frustrated that you don’t spend enough time with your family.

  • But your career is an important part of who you are.

  • Life feels like a treadmill, there’s never enough time for everything.

  • You can’t just jack it all in.

  • You don't want to be seen as uncommitted at work

  • and you don’t know if your family think it is all worth it.

If this situation sounds familiar...

It means it's affecting your mental health and your well-being.

Affecting your relationship with your partner and with your kids.

You know you need to get it sorted...

The 'rules' have changed.

It isn't just you against the world.

You have responsibilities to your family AND to yourself.

YOU NEED TO do something different

Because the stuff you have been doing doesn't cut it anymore.

Head down, work hard, impress the boss, get a bonus and read a book on time management.

You worry how to be a Great Dad AND have a Great Career

The good news is we can help you.

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My name is Ian Dinwiddy, Founder of Inspiring Dads and I'm on mission to help you...

Be a Great Dad AND Have a Great Career

I’m a Dad to two young children and a qualified coach with a Distinction in The Coaching Academy's Personal Performance Diploma.


I spent 9 years working as a Management Consultant, 8 years as Secretary of a Hockey Club and 3 years as School PTA Secretary. I’ve developed a thorough knowledge of Monkey Music and how to survive soft play. Outside of work i'm a National Programme Hockey Umpire and County Umpire Developer.


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I know how it starts…

Ian Dinwiddy with baby

When I held our daughter for the first time.

It’s 3am and nothing is going to be the same again.

I made secret promises to her, her little eyes piercing my soul.

Promises I hoped I’d be able to keep.

Promises about what sort of Dad I would be..

Wanting to make my late Mum proud.

But not knowing what the hell I was doing!


Ready to take some action?