Be a Great Dad AND Have a Great Career.

The truth is that, although they may not like to admit it, men are as likely as women, to struggle with the pressures of balancing work and life, pulled in different directions between their providing and caring roles.

We help businesses and individuals to understand and support the flexible working needs of dads.

  • Giving them a safe space to explore what they really want from work and life.

  • The confidence and support to access flexible and part time working options, if that is what they want.

  • Confident that their careers won’t suffer.

  • Confident that they can be a Great Dad and Have a Great Career.

  • Confidence that comes from the example set by real male leadership role models.

Normalising flexible working and parental leave for working dads is

✅ Good for well-being and mental health,

✅ Good for gender diversity,

✅ Good for talent retention,

✅ Good for closing the gender pay gap.

A Tale of Two Dads

Imagine the scene, while the Mums catch up enthusiastically, two Dads are making slightly awkward chat at a children’s birthday party. Both very much alike, a child in the same class, working in the same industry, doing the same type of role. They are discussing their work life balance struggles. “Ha, what work life balance!” Complaining about a lack of quality family time and being too knackered to enjoy it when they do have it. Always under pressure and stress - deteriorating relationships. Not at all happy with the direction life is taken them.

They Agree That Being “Successful” Should Feel Better Than This.

They meet again at another kid's birthday party 6 months later and started talking. One Dad's work life balance is still causing him a lot of stress, things haven’t changed at all. The other is much happier, spending more time with his children, he has a better relationship with his partner, fewer arguments about what time he gets home from the office. His kids turn to him as much as they turn to Mum. He feels content.

What Made The Difference? 

You may be wondering what could make such a difference to these two Dads lives? It certainly isn’t due to talent, determination or drive. It’s not luck or that one Dad wanted to fix his work life balance more than the other one did.

The difference lies with what they did after that party. One Dad was determined to get some help, he knew his work life balance wasn’t going to fix itself. He signed up to our 5 Day Challenge, downloaded my bonus FREE PDF and kick started a new action plan. A plan that turned his life around and gave him the confidence to make the best choices for him and his family. He used the support available in the free Facebook group, built his confidence and discovered he wasn’t the only Dad who felt that way.

When you need to turn your work life balance around you need to get your knowledge, support and advice from someone who knows what you are going through and can help you.

So what was different about the lives of those two Dads, working in the same industry, doing the same role, struggling with their work life balance?

The Right Help At The Right Time.


What do Men want?

Surveys tell us that men want to spend time with their children

66 per cent of the GQ State Of Man survey respondents chose “being a present father” as the number one aspect of modern masculinity.

Source - GQ Magazine

… and are prepared to change jobs to achieve it

11% have refused a new job and 10% have said no to a promotion because of a lack of good work life balanced opportunities.

Source - Working Families 2018


Society and the workplace is conditioned to treat men as providers (and women as carers).

Men who seek to spend more time with their families are treated with suspicion and are seen as ‘not committed.’ In fact, rather than spending more time with their new families, men end up working harder and longer.

Lack of good work-life balance causes massive amounts of stress and potential relationship breakdown.

The good news is that there is a whole generation of dads who understand that the old model of one parent, commonly the man, being 'all in' for work is looking increasingly old fashioned, even archaic.

Why does flexible working for men matter?

It would be very easy to dismiss this as men finding out what women have known for a long time, it's hard to have it all. At Inspiring Dads we see this as an opportunity… By harnessing the energy and desire of a new generation of dads, we can design a new way of living and working and unlock profound benefits for everyone.

When men are unable to access flexible working, too often it is women who are obliged to take lower paid roles in order to gain the flexibility that they require for family childcare commitments.

This reinforces the gender pay gap that develops long before adults become parents, as assumptions about childcare and parenting responsibilities discriminate against women and trap men in the cycle of men as providers, women as carers.

I was 35 and literally had no idea of what I was going to do next.


I hadn’t worked out my path.

I'd been a management consultant

I was now a new dad - I was the primary carer for our young daughter. I knew I couldn't be a management consultant long term - the work life balance was never going to fit in with our primary family goal of one us 'being there' for our children.

There was no one to talk to about it. Not really. To be honest wrestling with these dilemmas took some of the joy out of becoming a Dad.

I couldn’t wait for my daughter to start nursery, so I didn’t have to look after her for 5 days in a row. So I could work again.

How was I going to be a great dad AND have a great career?

Then I was hit by some traumatic news. I learnt that a university friend had died. His son had suddenly died and overcome with grief and post-traumatic stress he had taken his own life a few days later.

It put everything into context.

Having somewhere to turn is vital. Somewhere to get some support.

Over time I found my coaching niche. Working with dads, helping them navigate the challenges of being a breadwinner and a carer, because when we focus on men's work life balance, it helps men, their families and gender diversity.

RIP Burkey

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