Nail your work life balance and be

Happier, Healthier and more Heroic.

A Tale of Two Dads

Imagine the scene, while the Mums catch up enthusiastically, two Dads are making slightly awkward chat at a children’s birthday party. Both very much alike, a child in the same class, working in the same industry, doing the same type of role. They are discussing their work life balance struggles. “Ha, what work life balance!” Complaining about a lack of quality family time and being too knackered to enjoy it when they do have it.

They Agree That Being “Successful” Should Feel Better Than This.

They meet again at another kid's birthday party 6 months later and started talking. One Dad's work life balance is still causing him a lot of stress, things haven’t changed at all. The other is much happier, spending more time with his children, he has a better relationship with his wife, fewer arguments about what time he gets home from the office. His kids turn to him as much as they turn to Mum.

What Made The Difference? 

You may be wondering what could make such a difference to these two Dads lives? It certainly isn’t due to talent, determination or drive. It’s not luck or that one Dad wanted to fix his work life balance more than the other one did.

The difference lies with what they did after that party. One Dad was determined to get some help, he knew his work life balance wasn’t going to fix itself. He downloaded my FREE PDF and kick started a new action plan. A plan that turned his life around and gave him the confidence to make the best choices for him and his family.

When you need to turn your work life balance around you need to get your knowledge, support and advice from someone who knows what you are going through and can help you.

So what was different about the lives of those two Dads, working in the same industry, doing the same role, struggling with their work life balance?

The Right Help At The Right Time.


It’s awesome being a Dad!


I love being a Dad, creating our own little family, teaching our children all the things I know, seeing them develop into little people I’m so proud of. It gives me real purpose in life, that’s for sure!

But your work life balance doesn’t always work for you!

When was the last time you admitted it was tough?

It’s a massive responsibility to be the head of your own family.

At work you need to deliver, get promoted, get a bonus. At the same time you want to be there for your kids, hands on parenting and sharing in the important milestones. You’re rushing home during the week - if you can, but too knackered at the weekend to enjoy being a family.



It can be tough to see what your path could be or should be and it’s easy to feel a bit powerless. Sometimes it’s easier to just be strong for everyone, but you and I both know there is no way you can perform at your best at work if aren’t happy at home.

Your mental health and well being matter and I want to help you find a way to tackle this, and build your confidence to know the right path for you and your family. 

To be happy.

So who can you turn to when it gets stressful?

You don’t want to burden your partner with your stress, she’s got enough on her plate, looking after kids is tough and she’s frazzled. Your old school mate Dave? He’s a good mate but you don’t talk ‘properly’ when you’re out for a drink…. not like your wife and her mates do. It could be a bit… well… awkward. We all know that.

I know you’re a great role model, but I’m offering a little help to move your life further in the right direction.


How badly do you want a different future?

I know you want to be there for the moments that matter.

⭐ You no longer accept that the only way to show commitment to work is by staying late in the office because 'that's how we’ve always done it here'.

⭐ You know that being the primary care giver isn’t – and shouldn’t be – defined by gender; it shouldn’t be a role that belongs to just women or just men and you want to be a hands on Dad.

⭐ Men like you and I want to spend more time with our families even if it means sacrificing promotion and financial rewards.

✅ You just want everyone to be happy.

✅ To be happy and proud of your own identity as man and a father.


66 per cent of the GQ State Of Man survey respondents chose “being a present father” as the number one aspect of modern masculinity.

Source - GQ Magazine

11% have refused a new job and 10% have said no to a promotion because of a lack of good work life balanced opportunities.

Source - Working Families 2018


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✅ Stop wasting time and find out what is really causing your work / life stress.

✅ Learn what are your real options and rights are, not just what your boss thinks!

✅ Evaluate what type of Dad you want to be and USE this to decide what you want.

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✅ PLUS - get organised, manage your time and be there when you're there.


I know how it starts…

Ian Dinwiddy with baby

When I held our daughter for the first time.

It’s 3am and nothing is going to be the same again.

I made secret promises to her, her little eyes piercing my soul.

Promises I hoped I’d be able to keep.

Promises about what sort of Dad I would be..

Wanting to make my late Mum proud.

But not knowing what the hell I was doing!

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