Invest in coaching and mentoring for working dads and

✅ Support well-being and mental health,

✅ Improve talent retention,

✅ Develop flexible working policies that work for everyone,

✅ Increase the gender diversity of workplace,

✅ Close the gender pay gap.

Hard to believe all that, I know, but widespread use of our programmes would have major benefits to society…

When we deny the existence of life outside work, we exclude people who have responsibilities as carers and parents, or the people who don't want to be tied to traditional hours and location. Normalising a culture of dads being active parents is a key part of building a gender diverse workplaces and closing the gender pay gap.

  • Working dads would be more content and less stressed.

  • They would be better parents and partners.

  • They wouldn’t feel the need to change jobs. ⭐

  • Flexible working and parental leave would cease to be a female ‘issue’.

  • Men would be just as likely as women to be seeking out some type of flexible working arrangement.

  • Flexible working patterns would become the norm.

  • The default way to success would no longer be an all hours, all in culture.

  • Dads would feel they had options to be more involved parents without the fear of damaging their careers.

  • Mums would no longer have their flexible working requirements used a barrier against their progression.

  • More broadly in society women would be less likely to have to take flexible or part time work to return to the work.

Gender would no longer be factor in recruitment or promotion decisions.

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⭐ a 1/3 of Millennial Fathers have changed jobs to achieve their optimal work life balance, while another 1/3 are actively looking. Daddilife and Deliotte 2019 Research


How can we help you?


Engagement & Support

Presentations - shine a light on how solving challenges for dads helps everyone.

Workshops and Seminars - facilitate policy progress.

Facilitating Fatherhood groups - building dad to dad support networks.


1 to 1 Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching and Mentoring.

Paternity Coaching.

Generational mentoring - older dads and younger dads.

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6 Steps to Working Dad Success Programme

Group coaching programmes.

Remote access e-learning.