Get the Support You Want, to Achieve the Outcome You Need.

A 6 month, 1 to 1 coaching and support programme tailored to your needs.


✅ Happier - a weight lifted from your shoulders.

✅ Healthier - less stress, eating properly and sleeping properly.

✅ Spending more and better time with your family.

✅ Being the best dad you can possibly be.

✅ Better relationships with your partner and your children.

✅ Feeling in control of your life - a spring in your step again.

✅ Understanding how best to balance your responsibilities.

✅ In your “zone”.


Dear Friend,

Ian headshot .jpg

It was great to speak to you and find out more about your work life balance struggles. I hope you found it useful to talk about what is going on in your life, and to have someone neutral listen, without passing judgement.

I know you want to be there for the moments that matter.

⭐ You no longer accept that the only way to show commitment to work is by staying late in the office because 'that's how we’ve always done it here'.

⭐ You know that being the primary care giver isn’t – and shouldn’t be – defined by gender; it shouldn’t be a role that belongs to just women or just men and you want to be a hands on Dad.

so what’s the Solution?

The solution is to invest in a 1 to 1 Coaching and Support Programme. We combine exercises and video content from the 6 Steps to Working Dad Success programme with unlimited 1 to 1 coaching sessions and live support through a private online coaching “room”.

Getting your work life balance ‘right’ so that you can get home and be present for your kids is so very important…

But it’s not just me saying it…

66 per cent of the GQ State Of Man survey respondents chose “being a present father” as the number one aspect of modern masculinity (making it the #1 response).

Source - GQ Magazine

11% (of Dads) have refused a new job and 10% have said no to a promotion because of a lack of good work life balanced opportunities.

Source - Working Families 2018

What do my clients say about working with me?

Click on the image above for more testimonials and inspiration

Click on the image above for more testimonials and inspiration


Our 1 to 1 Programme Features


Why is Inspiring Dads the right choice for you?


Coaching is an industry dominated by these two categories.

  • 75% of coaches are older than 45

  • 67% of coaches are women

Source: 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

I’m neither.

I’m Dad with young children and I understand your world.

I live your life and I walk in your footsteps.

I spent 7 years working full time as a Management Consultant before becoming a “Stay At Home Dad”, then freelancing, before retraining and setting up this business. My wife works long hours as a solicitor, while I fit my work around our family commitments. The challenge and the solutions to getting work life balance sorted, are the challenges that we face daily as a family.

Which is exactly why I’m the right person to help you.

Our 1 to 1 Coaching Packages

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Our Best Value - Gold Package

6 month programme

All our core features PLUS

  • LinkedIn and CV review.

Including two, 1 to 1 telephone feedback sessions with Senior Recruitment Director, Chris Dinwiddy.

  • Understand and work better together with your partner

with our “His and Her” DISC personality profiles

£ 997


£387 + 5 Installments of £ 139

Most Popular - Silver Package

6 month programme

All of our core features delivered during 6 months of support.

£ 799


£ 387 + 5 Installments of £ 99

Starter - Bronze Package

3 month programme

All of our core features delivered during 3 months of support.

Designed to give you a quick headstart towards your goals.

£ 499


3 Installments of £ 183


It’s time to invest in yourself, in your well being.


To be honest no-one needs coaching , but that extra help and support can be the difference between success now or struggling on without making progress.

The opportunity to talk and think deeply about your own circumstances without being judged is one of the great benefits of any coaching relationship

I know coaching works.

Within weeks of attending a 2 day free coaching event, I comfortably achieved my goal of promotion to umpire in the national hockey leagues and my mindset took such a change that I found I no longer compared myself to other people’s LinkedIn profiles. I was looking at my own circumstances and setting goals and dreams that were relevant to me and to our family.


I look forward to working with you, helping you and supporting you.




Your kids are only young once and you know ‘successful’ should feel better than this!