Dads want to spend more with their kids.

It's a fact - working dads want to spend more time with their families...

Some of the things Dads wish Mums knew...

⭐ “That we wish we could have had more time off when our children were 1st born to spend with them rather than having to go back to work so quickly"

⭐ “Despite how much I work it honestly kills me to not be at home spending more time with them, that I wish I was home every night for a traditional supper and to tuck them into bed every single night!”

⭐ “That we hate being made out to be the second parent. We are not. We are both equal”

⭐ “We know this is rough for them, but we’re also struggling with the tremendous changes that are happening in our own way; there is no other time in our lives that we feel as vulnerable, helpless, overlooked, or unappreciated.”

And it's a well being and mental health issue

⭐“Watch out for signs of depression, men suffer with depression, anxiety, mental health issues and PND too.”