The Importance of saying No

Sometimes you just need to say no

After 3 years as PTA Secretary and a further 12 or so on the committee of UCL Academicals Hockey Club, this summer I’m taking a break from volunteering. My resolve was tested this weekend when I received a very complimentary note asking me if I would like to take on another role within the PTA. It would have been easy to say yes - it’s a great fit with my skills, I love being part of a team and contributing my experience.

But I said no.

Google returns 23million results on the ‘art of saying no’, so it’s a popular topic (though incidentally not as popular as ‘love the job you do’ – 424 million results).

For me it’s important to see No not so much as negative, but as part of a positive decision to focus on the things that are really important to you – in my case building my coaching business. Without doubt it can be a challenge to say no when asked to help or to contribute, but for me it’s important to understand what could happen if you say yes to everything…

  • You can spread yourself too thinly

  • You could end up stressed and frustrated

  • It could prevent you delivering against the commitments you have already made

In order to make the progress you want in your life, sometimes you need to save Yes for the really important things, giving you the time and space to do them justice

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