Flexible Working - Not Just For Mums!

Flexible Working - Not Just For Mums!

While we're basking in a bizarre mini heatwave I noticed a pattern springing up....

But this pattern isn't bizarre, it's just reflecting the fact that GQ magazine found that the #1 aspect of modern masculinity, identified by 66% of Men was "being a present father".

The pattern I spotted was one about the normalising of flexible working for Dads.

1️⃣ The closed FB group called "Flexible Working for Mums Like Me (Dad's Welcome)" became "Flexible Working for People Like Me"

Katy Friedman said this:
"What I've since come to realise is that by limiting the group to 'mums', I was actually perpetuating the problem and that in order for women to advance in their careers flexible working needs to be a shift in the fabric of the way we work for all, not just as a perk offered to women with childcare issues."
Link to the group - Flexible Working for People Like Me

2️⃣ The founder of Mummyjobs.co.uk, Daddyjobs.co.uk & FlexIsBest.com, Cheney Hamilton, announced that from the 1st March the sites would be moving under one umbrella called - Find your Flex. 

3️⃣ The launch of workingdads.co.uk 

Why does this matter?

A new generation of dads want much more involvement in their children’s lives and they don't just want to be ‘weekend parents’.

They expect equality at home and at work.

 They want to be there for the moments that matter.

⭐ They want to spend more time with their families even if means sacrificing promotion and financial rewards.

"11% have refused a new job and 10% have said no to a promotion because of a lack of good work life balanced opportunities."

Source - Working Families 2018

Not only do Dads want it...

but imagine the benefits to your life and your family's life if your partner could access the type of well paid, interesting job that she is easily capable and qualified to do. 

She has a much better chance if her commitment isn't being permanently judged through a lens of childcare expectation.

Don't believe me?.... this is a real conversation that illustrates the bs that women have to put up with

"The most memorable moment that made me stop and pay attention that perhaps I wasn’t being judged purely on my ability, was the conversation I had with the company Chairman when being considered for a promotion and he “joked” that he was only considering me because he “trusted” that I wasn’t just going to “run off and have babies anytime soon”. I was 27, engaged, and whilst not immediately planning a family, I knew it probably wasn’t too far off in my future. Yet I had to pretend that “no, no I’m a dedicated career woman, none of this baby nonsense for me” in order to pass his “test”."

Once we remove the ability of employers and society to judge which parent is most likely to request flexible working or parental leave then all options for organising our lives become possible.


Your flexible working = happy Dad, heroic Father & supportive Husband

Here's a quick video of my top 3 things to consider when you are struggling with your work life balance: