Guys, you aren't alone - your struggle is normal.

If you’re a dad and you’re struggling with your work life balance, it’s important to know that you can get help.

Life can be better!

Generally, society still tends to expect dad to be ‘provider’ and mum to be ‘carer’.

We talk about dads ‘babysitting’ when they are just being parents.

Mums will get asked “who will be looking after your children when you go back to work?”

But times are changing

New dads don’t necessarily want to spend their paternity leave checking their email before starting their new role of trying desperately to be home for bathtime and worrying about what they are missing out on.

They want to be there to share time with their families. Where possible, they want flexible working arrangements and they are finding out what mums have always known - it’s hard to have it all.

BTW… This isn’t a pop at you

I know some of you are reading this and it’s got your back up.

This bloke is having a pop at me.

I work hard to provide a great standard of living for my family, I make sure the time I spend with my family is quality time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t be at work earning a living to provide for your family.

Hell, someone needs to earn the money and if your work life set up works for you that’s awesome.

In fact drop me an email and share your story and inspire others.

Nah, i’m not talking to you.

To be fair I’m talking to the bloke who’s feeling the stress, the anxiety, the pressure of a work life balance that is failing him and his family.

It’s time to get it sorted.

Your problem is their problem

We run a private Facebook group called “How to be a Great Dad AND Have a Great Career”.

When guys like you want to join and get some support, one of the questions we ask is

What do you hope to get from being a member of this group?

✅ "Ideas for practical things I can do to achieve that balance between my career and being a co-parenting dad."

✅ "I would like to be able to share tips and advice with other dads have are feeling the same pressures in their day-to-day life that I am."

✅ "Insight and tips on work life balance."

✅ "Discuss how to get the work / life balance that I need...maybe get inspired to take my career in a more fulfilling direction."

✅ "To see potential work-life balance problems coming before they hit, learning from other dad’s who’ve been there and taking their advice preemptively."

✅ “Seeing how other Dad's have made a good deal of difference to their own happiness, as well as that of their kids.”

✅ “Learn how to have a better work live balance.”

If those sound like the type of thoughts you’ve got in your mind it’s time to join us.