The Ghost of Christmas Future

On Sunday, the Times published a piece called

Why aren’t successful, middle-aged fathers happy?

Looking for more from life? Join the queue. Middle-aged fathers open up about why “success” is a poisoned chalice

If you put aside any concern as to whether well paid professional men at the pinnacle of their working lives deserve our sympathy and support, then there is a sad tale within the article.

❌ Stories of being financially trapped by their lifestyle.

❌ Stories of becoming disconnected from their families.

❌ Stories of long term illness.

A real sense that ‘successful’ should feel better than this.

Also a realisation that planning ahead and being honest about what they really want, working out how to be happy, would, in hindsight, have been more useful than climbing the career ladder and taking on financial commitments.

“I never stopped to consider that I would effectively be an absentee dad,” says yet another City worker commuting from the nether regions of Sussex. “The priorities were, I suppose, old-fashioned — to have their mother there and to have me providing. Now I think we should have spent more time working out what would have made us all happier.”

It’s time for working dads to get serious about how they define success.

To understand how their work life balance is effecting their whole family.

Don’t let the Ghost of Christmas Future creep up on you.

“I hate my job, I couldn’t give a toss if I’m a success or not, but it’s too late to change now,” says a 44-year-old pharmaceutical executive with a familiar sense of abject resignation.

“I’ve just renegotiated our mortgage. Back to 25 years. The building society pointed out I’d be 69 when it finishes, but I promised them I’d still be working.”


Don’t believe it’s possible?

Time to think again


The 6 Steps to Working Dad Success

The 3 core principles of the 6 Steps to Working Dad Success are

⭐ Talk honestly about what you truly want as a family

⭐ Work out your finances

⭐ Know your options for better work life Balance

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