Me time and the Work Life Balance struggle

Don’t forget ‘me’ time when you plan your work life balance

According to Google calendar it’s Day 30/44 of school holidays. This is my first year with both kids in school and now both not in school (argh!)

It’s definitely tricky to balance everything - work, time with kids and personal time for both parents.

But by being honest about what you need, you can as a couple, reduce your guilt and stay content.

The amount of time required for each part of your life can be very different and it’s changes over time.

My wife needs many more hours for work than I do for instance and with the children being older the stress or boredom definitely reduce. You can actually have proper fun together as a family. But you still need me time.

It’s particularly tough with young children, but if you can both be honest about what you need it gives you a chance to work out the how.

Understand what you both need to be happy.

It might be a painful conversation if what you thought was true isn’t true.

But the sooner you both understand and share these 3 key things, the better.

✅Who do you want to Be?

✅What do you want to Do?

✅What do you want to Have?

Consider this blog post from a young dad called Adam. As a Dad taking shared parental leave he talks about the benefits of time away from his little boy.…/…/8/20/hangovers-babies

‘I love my time with him but it does also make me appreciate my time without him too. It was entirely different to when I was working full time. I missed him lots day to day as I wasn’t getting that full-time quality time. Now that I am, a day without him doesn’t feel as big of a deal’

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