Who wins if you win?

Who wins if you win?

My daughter and I heard an National Lottery advert the other day. The tag was “Who wins if you win?”

Freya thought this was a daft question!

"You, obviously" she said.

So I explained what the advert meant - “who else would gain from winning, a million or 10 million?”

We talked how winning a million pounds could have a positive benefit to lots of other people in your life.

It’s not just about you…

It made me thinking about 'winning' at life.

Whatever your goal as a Working Dad, someone else wins if you get it right, if you get the work life balance you and your family need.

Your stress goes down, motivation goes up.

You become a better parent, better partner.

A better employee.

Something to think about when you are pulling another late night because 'that's what we do here.'

Who do you really want to be and who wins if you achieve it?