It’s Never “Just” Money

It’s Never “Just” Money

Yesterday I had a great free work life balance stress buster call with "Jim"

Like you he was looking answers to the challenge of Being a Great Dad and Having a Great Career....

I'm not going to embarrass myself and pretend to know what the answer will be for Jim or for you.

But what I do know is that with the right process and the right support, you absolutely can work out your own path. A path that works for you and your family.


Jim works away from home during the week and has done for most of his working life, the money is good and his wife has a good job too, but he's been struggling with work life balance for the 6 years since his first child was born.

He changed jobs a few years ago, but found that losing out on the creative buzz of the old role was too much to bear.

Now at a bit of a cross roads he booked his free call

I asked him to describe how he wants to feel in 6 months time, when life is how he wants it...

✅ Happy

✅ In the zone

✅ Supportive of others

✅ Sleeping more than 6 hours a night

✅ Feeling strong

But right now he told me

"I don't want to be the Dad who isn't there"

"I don't want to have a life of regret"

"I find I don't laugh as much"

The great thing for Jim, is that he and his wife do talk about how he feels. They've had the type of honest conversations that are so important if you are going to make progress. But Jim admitted to "toning down the volume" on just how unhappy he is.

It's often easier to do that isn't it. Put on a brave face and get your head down.

Then we talked about money.

Money is never just about the pounds and pence. It's loaded with value and meaning. How much you need, how much to spend on your kids. How much you had when you were growing up. How and when you reward yourself. The life you want to give your family. The life you see other people giving their families. Your relationship with borrowing and debt.

Truth is that Jim can afford not to earn as much as he does....

But what would his kids think if the nice holidays aren't as nice?
What would his in laws think if he didn't "make it"?

However, he's spending hundreds of pounds every month on a Nanny to have "quality time with my kids."

It's never just "money"

✅ and that's why being honest with yourself and honest with your partner is so important .

If you need some extra help, someone to listen while you unload your burden, then you could do a lot worse than to book a free call with me

I look forward to helping you too