How to have enough money for the things that really matter.

You've got dreams and aspirations...

A shared purpose with your partner, but when it comes time to take action and put it all together, these dreams had better be good ones!

They'll need to be robust and aligned with what you truly want because it's likely they require some sort of investment. 

Most of us don't have the financial freedom to do everything. There are trade offs to be made. 

Imagine you want to take a step away from the career path you are on?

That's not going to be possible if haven’t aligned your family finances with your family priorities. You need to make sure you are spending on or investing in, the things that allow you to truly live the life you and your family want.


The plan...

1.      Start with your family priorities

(We cover this is step 2 - Build a deeper relationship with your Partner) 

2.     Work out the financial impact for each priority

3.     Will your priorities reduce your family income?


4.    How much money will need and when?

5.     How will you fund it?

Save now for future? Use savings now? Borrowing? At what cost?

6.    Review your current finances

Each month - what’s coming in, what’s going out and where is it going?

7.    Talk about your finances with your partner

Are you Spenders, Savers, Risk takers, Security seekers? Who controls how money is used? 

8.    Design your future budget

Factor in your family priorities, what needs to change to allow those priorities to be supported

By the end of the process

  • You’ll have reduced your stress by understanding where your money goes.

  • You’ll understand how much money you need to achieve the priorities.

  • You’ll know what changes you need to make to make it happen.

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