You can have better work life balance!


Nail Your Work Life Balance and Be

Happier, Healthier and more Heroic.

✅ Happier - a weight lifted from your shoulders.

✅ Healthier - less stress, eating properly and sleeping properly.

✅ Spending more and better time with your family.

✅ Being the best dad you can possibly be.

✅ Better relationships with your partner and your children.

✅ Feeling in control of your life - a spring in your step again.

✅ Understanding how best to balance your responsibilities.

✅ In your “zone”.


Guys like you are getting the balance they need…

1) Sean the Surgeon

Sean and his family left London 18 months ago to escape to the country.

He made the decision to trade some professional kudos and financial reward for a life in the country, seeing his kids every night for dinner and bedtime plus most weekends. They choose to move to a part of the country where they have family close by for help and social life.

In contrast Sean’s London peers are out working all day, everyday and don’t get to see their kids.

After trying a couple of different work patterns, he and his wife have decided that the best combination of professional progress, income and family time are for Sean to work M, T, Th, F plus 3 in 4 Wednesdays and 1 in 4 Saturdays.

“This will be an income hit but I will at least be able to take the kids to school once a month and have most weekends with them.”

To support his work life balance Sean tries to work a bit smarter, allowing him to leave on time. He is also stricter with his home time - he has stopped answering emails etc out of work hours which he has found surprisingly liberating!


“It’s difficult because I need to put the graft in now to make a name for myself, meaning more work will come my way at more convenient times, rather than working the graveyard Saturday shift.

But nothing has changed our underlying vision for how we wanted to live our lives”


2) Insight from Adam - how much money do you actually need?

Adam used to work in the Financial Services industry, he’s now part time in the building trade.

Ian, you’ve no idea how much money I earnt two years ago, but I gave it up mate, gave it up for the kids, because wanted to spend time with them now.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t go back, but right now it matters to be there for them”


3) What made Will take action?

It was Easter when I said I couldn’t do it anymore. I think it was something about always seeing darkness. I decided I couldn’t tolerate how I was living any more. I could feel the signs that it was getting too much. The thing is I knew how bad it could get – I was an alcoholic (now 7 years clean). I didn’t want to reach rock bottom again before did something about it.

Will’s full story is here.


4) A warning from Toby

“If there's one thing I wish we'd done better, it would have been to have those really honest discussions - rather than the more off-hand comments and observations - about the work life balance for both of us, including as a couple and as parents.

But hey - we live and learn, eh?!”

Toby and his wife are separated and to a large extent due to a failure to sort out their work life balance.

It was too late for Toby but our 5 day challenge could be just what you’re looking for to supercharge your dad skills and to cut through the stress you’re feeling at the moment.


Things these guys know, and you need to know…

  1. Be honest about what is truly important to you.

  2. As a couple you must communicate and agree your priorities.

  3. Do the maths - work out the financial trade offs you need to make to.

  4. Have a plan to stay focused on what is important.

That’s all great Ian but HOW do I actually achieve better work life balance?

You need to get over to our 5 day Challenge sign up page and get ready for support, accountability and some simple steps that work.

Plus as a bonus you’ll get our free PDF guide.

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Get our free PDF and learn about our Top Ten Tips to get control of your work life balance.

✅ Stop wasting time and find out what is really causing your work / life stress.

✅ Learn what are your real options and rights are, not just what your boss thinks!

✅ Evaluate what type of Dad you want to be and USE this to decide what you want.

✅ Checklist of the steps you need to take to be READY to get what you want.

✅ PLUS - get organised, manage your time and be there when you're there.

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